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Before each job we will provide a quotation to ensure all your requirements are being met, and we offer labelled sample bottles in return postal tubes as are sampling certificates.

Concrete Mixing Water Testing

All certified concrete must be made with water complying to BS EN 1008:2002. Whilst potable (mains) water is deemed acceptable for use, water from a non-mains source must be tested to meet the requirements of the standard.

We offer in-house testing of all the preliminary requirements and contaminants as listed within the standard. Where necessary we can outsource the testing to a UKAS approved laboratory, but this is not a requirement of the BS EN 1008:2002 standard.

Trade Effluent Testing

Water companies providing sewage services often require trade effluent to comply with a Consent to Discharge, whilst discharges to controlled waters or ground often need a Permit to Discharge issued by the environment agency of the UK (or country concerned).

Consents or Permits to Discharge often list determinants for which testing is required, and we offer a range of in-house tests that will meet these testing requirements. Where necessary testing may be subcontracted to an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for analysis.

Private Water Supply Testing

We offer on-site sampling and on-site monitoring for private water supply testing, and whilst it may be acceptable for clients to collect their own samples, the majority of private water supply testing requires sampling by one of our technicians. This is due to controlled sampling techniques or the sample needing to be taken in containers with a sample preserver.

Other services offered include:

  • Borehole and surface water sampling and testing to monitor run off to controlled waters
  • Sampling and testing of drinking or other private water supplies
  • Swimming pool and spa pool water sampling and testing

The services above often include chemical or biological analysis at ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.

Whatever the sampling or analysis requirements, we will identify appropriate sampling and test methods, and choose an appropriate test laboratory as part of the quotation process. The following information can assist this process:

  • The determinants to test for, and any ranges or limits to be kept to
  • The purpose of testing, and any related standards, permits, or consents
  • A description of the type of water, and it’s destination
  • Whether accredited testing is required
  • Numbers and frequency of sampling and/or testing concerned
  • The location of sampling sites
  • Any hazards associated with the samples to be submitted

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